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Make The Right Hire

Posted on June 4, 2021 by Ryan McAllister

How frequently have you had an employee quit and then immediately feel desperate to fill the slot that was just vacated? Unfortunately, it is an all too common occurrence in today's workplace.

There are quite a few things you can do to help you get through the stressful times while hiring a replacement but there's also the risk of hiring nearly anyone who walks through the door simply to find the job filled. Do not do this!

Afford the time required to employ the perfect person for your job. The true cost of turnover is a lot greater than most companies recognize so the first line of defense should always be to make every attempt to retain your present worker, assuming he/she was doing their duties at an acceptable level.

If you are not effective at maintaining your current employee, the following tips will help guide your choice:

1. Be certain your other employees know about the work opening. Referrals from current employees are better candidates than cold prospects coming through the doorway.

2. If the position is over entry level, take a look at your existing employees and determine whether one of these would be a fantastic applicant for promotion. It's a lot easier to fill entry-level tasks.

3. Make certain to use some kind of overall IQ or aptitude test. There's absolutely no way to sit down and talk to an applicant and understand whether they could actually read, write and perform mathematical calculations. (I always advocate the Wonderlic Personnel test for this purpose)

4. Punctuality is an integral indicator of how a worker will behave once hired. When an applicant is overdue for an appointment, then dismiss them from consideration unless they have a remarkably good reason.

5. Appropriate attire should always be worn to a meeting. Dirty, scruffy clothes, rags or hats, and other unsuitable clothes should immediately dismiss an applicant from consideration.

6. Listen carefully as the applicant explains why they left their previous job(s). Someone that always has problems with managers and/or co-workers will likely have the exact conflicts with your organization. Do not hire a clear problem no matter how desperately you need assistance.

7. Always hire somebody that you find likable. You do not need to become bosom friends but you need to have the ability to work together in a harmonious atmosphere.

8. Create a job description which you could give to your applicants. A correctly written job description will answer a good deal of questions and remove later problems if the man is hired.

9. Take some time to check references. Previous employers can offer you a much clearer description of an applicant's ability, a good deal more than personal references.

10. Always make your job offer in writing. This will preclude any mistakes.

Afford the time to generate quality hires and your business will reflect your time and effort in the performance of your workers and your company's bottom line.