7 Ways Feedback Works

By sharing how well you are doing and how well your expectations are met, your people get to understand better. So, frequent, realistic, objective feedback is not seen as criticism, more a way of each in your team helping each other get better, building on the success you already have.So, why does Feedback work?

– It’s Honest Being open and honest with each other builds your team – everyone sharing themselves takes some time, but when it happens, there is synergy which elevates performance. Offering and accepting constructive feedback, vitally adds strength to the honesty in your business.
– It Encourages Dialogue Having discussion about what works and doesn’t in someone’s performance, creates the space to talk about how they are doing and, if done best, builds their skills.
– It Brings Trust Having a two-way dialogue means that you open up emotionally with your people and, if you are prepared to accept feedback and shift your own behaviours too, shows a togetherness of purpose which is very compelling to others.
– People Learn From feedback which is constructive and fair, your people will move forward in their performance. When it is done frequently and fairly, it is a conversation they look forward to. They see it as a generous gift.
– It is Clarifying When performance standards are not otherwise clear, feedback gives a measure of what truly is expected of people. This enables them to pitch their performance accordingly – and they revel in their successes. They then give more!
– It Builds Rapport Now, in receiving feedback, you show you are truly part of the team and not just the one-way traffic boss your people are probably used to. They become more open; they become closer to you and ultimately, they go the extra mile too. Invaluable!
– Support Develops And then, the ultimate is that all of your people share feedback to each other, without malice given or received and everyone performs better, understands more and you and your business will truly benefit.