11 Benefits to your Business

How you run your business is, of course your business. A little focus from your end will dictate the way your people act and behave. So the onus is on you to show the way.Why does this matter?If you create a style of working within your organisation which is able to get the very best from your people, you will have a vibrant business, your people will develop beyond their (and even your) expectations and above all, you will enjoy your work and success more than ever before.

Try these eleven quick and easy ideas:
* Be supportive – your people need you on their side to be their best, so stick with them and form a partnership.
* Listen well – and you will hear the real person. This will build deep relationships which are vital.
Have clear demands – by ensuring that people are delivering to your expectations, they will be much more confident.
* Have fun – it is allowed. Bringing fun and laughter into your organisation is a powerful tool.
Be fair – to all of your people – treat them as individuals; but treat them equally in their conditions, pay processes and other basic conditions.
* Give feedback – this helps people get real about how they are doing, which helps them do more and better in the future.
* Accept feedback – and you too can evolve – your people want you to succeed, so make sure they are hard wired to you and can give objective feedback to you too!
* Be trusted – by having this as your byword, people start to relax, with no nasty surprises round the corner – this unleashes creativity, makes them feel able to give more and appreciate the working environment.
* Get a life – show your people that there is a life outside work – take your breaks; get off early for a family treat; make the coffee – and they will learn to relax too.
* Be human – showing your emotions; fears; hopes; doubts and accepting advice sometimes, all show that you are in tune with your people and this is a powerful lesson in developing a brilliant team.
* Say thank you – your people will love it if you recognise great work – the easiest way to do that is just to say ‘Thank-you’ – now what was hard about that – remember they receive a much bigger gift with a thank you, than it seems to you to give it!

Great leaders model how they want to be, to their people thus developing a level of relationship which is truly astounding – be yourself, be natural and enjoy your work and your life – and be prepared to show it!